Kristin Anderson Joins BFSC

09 May

A big addition to the team this week! Kristin Anderson, former teamates with Janet, Lorraine and Lisa during their NEBC days has signed up with Team BFSC! Welcome Home Kristin!

“After years of city commuting around San Francisco, Toronto, and Boston, I purchased my first road bike in 2012. I quickly fell in love with how far it could take me and decided to ride across the country for charity in 2013. Since riding 70 miles a day just wasn’t feasible once back in the working world, I signed up for a women’s racing clinic and in 2015. The need for speed took hold, and I had the opportunity to meet the BFSC team through the incredible community that women’s racing promotes. I’m looking foward to upping my game and skills with my new teammates in 2018!”