Lisa Berger Sprints to 2nd place in Ken Harrod Memorial Road Race

03 Jun

June 3, 2017, Harvard MA. Lisa and 18 other cat 4/5 women left the start around 8:15 am for 2 laps around the circuit for a total of 20 miles.  This race has a significant climb known as Oak Hill.  It is about a 9 minute climb  that usually decides the race.  No one was able to break Lisa on the climbs so she put the hammer down on the final descent.  Towards the end of the final descent it turns flat about 500 meters from the finish and at 400 meters it goes sharply up to the finish.  Having the entire road for the finish Lisa headed left on the last of the descent and started her long sprint… Only one could match her 500 meter effort as Emily Mandara of Team Bikes and Life ended up nosing Lisa by 6 inches at the finish.  Looking at her numbers Lisa maxed out on the last climb and the final sprint  with a heart rate of 177 and  a long Z5 power effort.

Way to go Lisa!