Loraine Warner takes second in the 37th annual Concord Criterium

05 Aug

Concord, New Hampshire, August 5, 2017. Team BFSC’s Loraine Warner placed second today at the 37th annual Concord Criterium. It was a fast race with a small climb on one side and a twisty decent on the other. Lisa and Lorraine were able to control much of pace during the early race almost getting away on a break together. With two laps to go,the goal was to get Loraine into the top 3 for the final lap with a chance to go for the win. The conditions were wet and rainy which seemed to favor Lisa and Lorraine’s cornering skills. The course features a fast downhill chicane of 3 turns ending at the finishing straight with 200 meters to the finish. Loraine and two other women were able to open up a gap with a little more than one lap to go, and she fought hard for second, a memorable finish to a strong race for the BFSC women. “Im so happy” dominated her conversation at the podium!