Weekend Warrior Championships – Ingemar rides to second in a 46 mile breakaway

20 Jul

July 16, Belize City. The National Championships for the Masters group known as Weekend Warriors was held Sunday with 3 different classes . he A class went 72 miles from Sibun Bridge to Belize City, The B class started at The Caves Branch Bridge and finished 60 miles later and the C Category left from Belmopan for a 48 Mile race to Belize City.

The weather was hot,and I mean hot with our race computers recording a high of 107! Of course they pick up a little more heat than reality which had air temps in the upper 90’s. With extra water on board our BFSC support team was ready with extra water whenever the riders needed it.

The Team BFSC Rider with the best result was Ingmar Perera with a heroic 45 mile break-away with Michale from Valvoline. What started as just setting a nice tempo of about 19 miles an hour Michael and Ingemar were just riding slowly away as if they were not really trying to get away, no attack, just a leisurely ride off the front. Fully expecting the Peleton to chase they had a 200 meter gap and decide to put the hammer down while the rest of the team blocked back in the Peleton. There lead grew as large as 5 minutes at one point but ended up at about a 2 minutes.
Ingemar cramped in the Sprint and limped over the line for 2nd place. Lisa Berger finished 7th, Siyah Swasey was 9th and Anthea Sutherland was 10th.

In the A class Derick Smith held on to 8the place in a very fast A Race, with Arden Garay finishing 7th with his brother Charles Garay finishing 9th in the B Category.

It was a positive ride for Ed Blank (last years runner up) as it was the first ride since his accident in March. He finished at the back but stayed with the pack helping with the blocking and covering of attacks.